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Worried that your beloved pet will get lost on their next adventure, or just curious as to what they get up to, outside the home. Our small GPS tracker which is also suitable for kids can locate them in an instance.


Welcome to Ring My Dog ApP

Our story

My name is Carol. Recently my daughter Lauren lost her beloved pet dog Jenson, who simply disappeared into thin air whilst we were all enjoying an afternoon in my garden.
Little did we know that there was a gap in our fence that Lauren’s beloved pet dog Jenson had found and had decided to go off on his own. Lauren was frantic.

Her pet dog Jenson is her baby who had just disappeared into thin air. What if the dog had been stolen. There was really no way off knowing what had happened to Lauren’s pet dog Jenson who really is one of the family.

This made me realise that many people have had their beloved pet dogs stolen for all sorts of reasons, or simply gone missing, example lost.

Chipping your pet dogs is a fantastic idea, only if your dog is found, and scanned correctly to show that you are in fact the owner. This is also dependant on you the owner, like my daughter Lauren keeping their details upto date on their profiles.

We eventually found our pet, so we were very very lucky.
But what about those pet dog owners out there who have all had their beloved pet dogs chipped, who are now listed as missing.

Is this good enough? What is the point of having a chip inserted into your beloved pet dog if you cannot track your lost dog. WELL NOW YOU CAN.

Ring My Dog App allows you to track your lost pet upto 800 miles, 360 degrees North, East, South and West.
Simply activate your Ring My Dog App and your pet dog will appear on your google maps.

This will give you the precise location of your pet dog.
All you have to do is press start journey to go pick up your pet dog.

Confirmation is completed by having a scan conducted on the dog to establish who is the rightful owner. So chipping of dogs is fantastic, only if the dog is found, as well as if the owners personal details is updated regularly. But having the abilities to simply press a button, on your smart phone if your pet dog has been stolen or lost will be a tremendous relief to many pet dog owners.


How it works

Chip your pet

Microchipping is one of the most effective ways to reunite lost pets with their rightful owners. However, microchipping is only effective;

Once your pet has been found and scanned correctly.

That you, the owner have kept your contact details up to date.


Purchase your unique ring my dog GPS tracker with data SIM

Go to our online shop at;

And purchase your GPS tracker.

Register the app

Download Ring My Dog app.

Complete your registration by signing up to use the app.

Input your unique Ring My Dog GPS tracker ID number to activate your tracker,

Create your unique mobile number.

Remember to keep this number very safe and not share with anyone.

track your pet

If your pet has become lost or stolen, then;

Activate your Ring My Dog App, and unique GPS tracker using your tracker ID, this will call your pet, and enable you to track your pets every move.

bring them Home

Once Ring My Dog App, picks up the signal from your pet, the correct location off your pet will appear on the map.